Analog/Digital Tracking, Editing, & Mixing
The Still is capable of 192kHz digital recording (Nuendo and Protools) with 32 simultaneously record/playback. We have a 36 channel board that is capable of 52 channels a mix down. The Still is also fully equipped for Analog recording as well. We offer 2" 24 track & 1" 8 tack. Mixing is done to 1/4" Analog and/or a dedicated mastering computer.
 Format Transfers
The still has several varieties of analog tape machines as well as various digital technologies. We can transfer your media so that you can work with it.
The still offers affordable professional mastering services for artists who either don't require a heavy handed mastering approach.
 Graphic Design
The Still offers a full service graphic design department. Our graphic designers are creative and experienced in helping artists convey their visual ideas. You can provide The Still with your artwork, or take advantage of our talented professionals.