[June 2011]

We've moved to the hill country. Not far from 290 & Fitzhugh. The new control room is really big and has views out into the country side. What a relaxing way to mix! I'll be posting some pictures soon.

This past year was busy with the move and rewiring the entire room! Most of the gear is the same with the addition of an Adam Sub12 and A Yamaha U3. The Sony M300 was replaced with a 422 and a Demeter spring reverb.

We are getting lot's of mastering work from Monofonus press, including Soft Healer, The Rebel, and Expensive Shit. We also finished a new F4Fake record which came out great; as well as mixed and mastered a record for the Brooklyn based Revival Times. Looking forward to more work with WTCJ and maybe some Acid Mothers Temple live recordings.

[September 2008]

Wow. It has been a long time since I've updated this news site. It has been a crazy time. Lets see.. The Grime Styles record was completed and sounds amazing. Most recently F4Fake just wrapped up a new recording and it was quite an under taking. Tom Ovans, Craig Marshall, MCO, 3 Jazz Collective and many more have gone home with great product as well.

There were lots of gear changes as well. We picked up some Adams S3As and a Lexicon M300 just to name a few things. Randall also got a GML Sontec and an L2 for producing quality masters. We have also upgraded the console tremendously, it now has passive faders (no vcas), is running Class A, and we added bypass caps across all the coupling caps. If you have one of these sony mxp 3k (3036,3052) consoles I started a yahoo group and it's active with some original sony folks and owners and we've documented a lot of helpful stuff from manual pages, schematics, recall sheets, etc.

As many of you are probably aware, I've been selling off alot of equipment. This is because I've decided that I may be moving out of Austin and that I want to drastically reduce my overhead. I am only selling equipment that I don't absolutely need and that I would allow me the studio to be 100% debt free.

Randall will take over most of the day to day management tasks while I will still retain ownership and executive management tasks. There have been rumors that the studio may be closing and this is not the case, if anything the studio will be more active than before. Selling some of the gear means freeing up space in the tracking area and also making room for a lounge in place of the amp room. Stay tuned.

[June 2006]

Randall and Wammo are finished with spankers mixes and they sound fantastic. Eric Arn came from Vienna to finish up the primordial undermind mixes and Grimey Styles are due back in to start mixing their record. All this and tape op conn is looking to make June a very exciting month!

[May 2006]

Arne & Jorn have returned to Norway with 12 songs in the can.

[Dec 2005]

The sony 3036 & the studer A800 are both installed and running smoothly. We've also completed the acoustic treatments to the tracking room!

Stayed tuned for new photos. We had a photographer out recently and the website will be getting a facelift soon, which will include photos of all the recent changes here at the still.

[Aug 2005]

Book of Shadows is back in the studio recording overdubs and will start mixing very shortly.

Mixing for Primordial Undermind should be completed by the end of June.

The latest F4Fake CD has been released and it sounds great!

Construction of the new studio has been completed! After almost a year of weekend warfare, I can proudly say I'm done!

I managed to squeeze in a few projects while putting on the finishing touches too. The Primordial Undermind record has been completed and is waiting to be mastered. I also had the privilege of working on the No Idea Festival CD release. Chris Boeck came in to record his EP and Charlie Roadman is currently working on his latest album, which is planned to be release in Jan. More soon!

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